I’ve never turned to Social Media for politics, but this is way too important of an issue for me to go silent on…

Two weeks ago, Iran and the P5+1 world powers (China, France, Russia, UK, USA & Germany) voted in Vienna to pass U.N. Resolution 2231. It will now be reviewed by congress for two weeks with an ultimate stamp of approval or disapproval.

In my opinion, this deal doesn’t block the road for an Iranian nuclear threat, it paves the way for it. For all those who say the only alternative is war, a nuclear Iran is a sure-bet for war. It legitimizes a terrorist government’s ambitions to build a nuclear warhead after vowing on multiple occasions (and leaders) to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.” Advocates of the deal promote stringent tracking measures and watchdog oversight stricter than ever before. We’ll have access to 24/7 video monitoring on the declared sites. We’ll have a — wait for it — 24-day window of requesting access to Iranian nuclear sites for inspection — which surely won’t be enough for the ayatollah to clean up a trace of malice… You know what’s funny about the “declared” sites? They all started off as undeclared before we caught Iran hiding them (i.e. Fordow and Natanz). Who’s to say there aren’t or won’t be other undisclosed and underground centrifuge sites? Their recent government has a history of cheating inspectors, promoting terror across the region, destabilizing middle east governments, and let’s not forget the human rights violations against its own people…

The sanctions lift is extremely problematic, immediately injecting $50 -150 BILLION of cash into the government, with no lateral oversight in regards to spending. Where do you think the money will be spent? Even if 90% flows into infrastructure, roads, bridges, power plants, & the basic tenants of government, and 10% flows into terror proxies of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, this is far too alarming. Just last month, we uncovered a truckload of Iranian explosives being smuggled into Jordan. Our response is to go ahead and give them a couple hundred million dollars?

The impending geography will be a state of Israel surrounded by terrorist proxy groups funded by the Iranian government on all four neighboring borders. This becomes a devastating reality with a nuclear-armed Iran. The economic sanctions were the only bargaining chip we had to bring Iran to the negotiating table, and even as a united and global front, they took twenty years to become effective. Let me re-iterate. These negotiations weren’t spurred by a sudden realization and peaceful change of heart among the Iranian government, but rather a financial crisis from being completely shut out of the global economy. It’s pretty hard to create an economy out of pistachios and rugs…It’s also a fantasy to believe that if we catch Iran violating the agreement, that we can “snapback” to twenty years of sanctions with the snap of a finger. And while it’s not that I lack trust in U.S. or Israeli intelligence of Iran’s nuclear efforts, we’ve guessed wrong multiple times in the past two decades...

For those of you that know me well, this is not one of my “Israeli rants.” I’ve taken these past two weeks to become (mildly) educated on the matter and come to my own stance and decision. I’ve heard multiple arguments both for and against the deal by policymakers, congressmen, RAND researchers, priests, and rabbis. And while I have clearly made up my mind and chosen a side, all I ask is that everyone take 10 minutes to educate themselves and come to their own understanding on the matter.

In today’s world where technology empowers communication, action, and change, it’s become easier — more than ever — to spread opinion, knowledge, and interact with our peers and policy makers. As us millennials usher in a new generation of politicians and spokespeople, we have a responsibility to make sure we’re making time for important global issues, and not just the next snapchat.

So let’s put the short term aside for a second. In ten years, Iran will be LEGALLY permitted to race to the nuclear bomb with a breakout time of two-three months. 10 years. As a benchmark, 9/11 was 15 years ago…

This isn’t just an Israel problem. This isn’t just an America problem. This is a Global Problem.

Do you want to be part of a generation that watched the US back this effort? Because I certainly do not.

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