Operator allows you to request any service from delivery to recommendation to errand. Remember the days of ChaCha? We were enamored by the ability to have ANY question answered on the spot. Well now, thanks to APIs and the global competition to win the delivery/services/concierge market, we now have Operator.

My first experience was great: Needed a sushi restaurant in downtown LA that I could take a few family members. Having spent four years at USC, I knew most of the familiar joints, and took the opportunity to uncover the strength of my “operator’s” recommendation engine.

OPERATOR: “Sugarfish is the best sushi in town that doesn’t cost a ton.”

ME: Problem…Sugarfish doesn’t take reservations and it’s a Friday night…Operator you failed me.

A few hours later I got a note from my new operator named Grace, asking if if I needed any further help with my reservation. Really impressed by the handoff from operator #1 to #2 and the follow up / check in on me. I noted that a reservation was a must at which she recommended Takami Sushi, about 10 floors up in a downtown skyscraper.

OPERATOR: “A bit pricier, but worth the atmosphere.”

…and then Grace gracefully made me a reservation.

Grace, you were spot on. Operator, excellent first impression.

I’m excited to see how this personal concierge service industry is going to pan out. Remember OnStar? Oh, the fun I had as a twelve year old pranking the poor call center out of Birmingham, Alabama. Shane Mac announced his launch of Assist, Los Angeles already has Sensay, now Service, and it’s going to be an interesting new trend to watch in the second half of 2015.